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Indulge In Romance – Interview with Paulina Woods

Posted at Nov 25, 2015 2:02 pm


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Welcome to another installment of my blog, Indulge in Romance. My guest today is, Paulina Woods, the author of Stone Guardian.

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Paulina, please tell us about yourself: I am a new fantasy romance author who has had her share of bumps. I released my debut novel, Stone Guardian, in November 2014 but had to pull it and book two off the market for further edits. When I first had to pull it I felt like I had failed but some of my friends told me to look at it as a learning experience. I did and I think this time I have put out a stronger story. 

Any pets? I have two, a dog and a cat. The dog is a red nose pit-terrier and she’s about eleven years old but still thinks she’s a puppy on most days. That cat is two and a holy terror. I swear he studies me while I am sleep to think of the best way to kill and eat me. The only time he is cuddly is when I start writing and he jumps up on the table to talk.

What was your favorite book as a child? This is going to sound crazy but my favorite book as a child was Hunt for the Red October by Tom Clancy. I saw my older brother reading it and had to have it not matter what and then I went on to read all the books Clancy had written up to that point. I can still remember my six-grade teacher taking it away from me and telling me to pick something I would understand. She was surprised when I told her exactly what was happening in the book and how it was due to the cold war. She gave me back my book and called my mom that night.

What was the first romance novel you ever read? A book named Ramona. I cannot find it now but I can remember hiding it in the couch, we weren’t allowed to read dirty books, and sneaking reads while my mom sat in her room. It was a story about the Spanish War and how a rich Spanish girl fell in love with a Native American. I wish I could find it again just to revisit such a lovely story. After finishing this one I went crazy and started reading any and all romance I could get my hand on.

Are you self-published? Yup. When I first started my journey as a writer I talked to a few of my mentors about getting a publishing deal. One sat me down and ran the numbers and I didn’t like how I would end up with a raw deal. I decided I wanted control over my covers and my release dates and even when I feel I still felt ok about my decision.

What aspect of your book sets it apart from others in your genre? I think my book is unique because my gargoyle characters do not change into human form. Growing up I loved the Disney cartoon Gargoyles and have been looking for an adult book that would give me the same type of feeling. Yes shifters are great but to love someone who looks like a monster gives me the warm fuzzies. I actually love books with beauty and the beast undertones.

What inspired you to become a writer? My mom has been a huge inspiration for me. When we were younger she started writing a book called Them Ol’ Cotton about growing up poor in St. Louis and another one about a young girls trials of growing up. She never finished either and when she heard I wanted to be published she told me to follow my dreams. I am hoping one day to ghost write with her and get her books published.

Where do you get your story ideas? The world around me. I have never been one to plot and actually find that if I try the creative juices dry up. I usually see something or someone and a story is born. I am writing a space travel epic that is loosely based on my job and the people I work with. I was walking down the halls and noticed that the spaceship kind of resembled the layout of the building.

Before I go, Thank you, Ana, for hosting me today. 

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Thank you for visiting, Paulina. It was an honor having you as my guest. I hope you will visit again, perhaps to talk more about your upcoming releases.

Blessings to all, and see you the next time we meet to Indulge in Romance with Ana E Ross…


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