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anaerossCome on in and Indulge in Romance with unforgettable characters as they overcome loss, betrayal, revenge, regret, secret babies, marriages-of-convenience, and a host of other problems. Prepare to encounter heated drama, tantalizing kisses, and passionate lovemaking as these fated lovers embark on their individual journeys of love where Happily Ever After is the only acceptable end result!

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New Releases Coming Spring, 2015

Posted at Jan 11, 2015 6:16 pm



 Coming early Spring 2015 

Here comes the bride, again…

The wives - Michelle, Kaya, Shaina, and TashiMarried for sex, married for duty, married for money, and married for security, each of these four billionaire brides were denied the kind of wedding all little girls dream about. Although their lives are filled with love, romance, children, and lots and lots of sizzling passion, they nonetheless miss the fairytale experience of walking down the aisle in elegant bridal attire, and be given away in style to the men of their dreams.

The husbands –  Erik, Bryce, Massimo, and AdamoThese four powerful, sexy billionaires weren’t looking for love when they enticed each of their lovely brides to say, “I do”. Love found them, nevertheless, in the most serendipitous ways. Now happily married with children, global corporations to manage, and of course, personal issues and family drama to overcome, they race against time to plan a spectacular group honeymoon that would win their wives hearts all over again.

Can they pull it off? To find out, take a trip to Granite Falls where Beside every happy husband stands an even happier wife… and where all roads lead to Happily Ever After…

Note: Cover to follow soon.



Coming late Spring, 2015

Robert Carter survived a violent upbringing from an abusive, alcoholic father to become one of the most brilliant and successful orthodontists in Boston. Now, financially secured and emotionally stable, he’s ready to settle down with Yasmine Reynolds and raise a houseful of kids to prove to himself that he can be a better father than the one who raised him. But when he discovers that his entire existence is based on a lie, Robert is forced to set his future aside, and revisit the ghosts from his past that may very well prove his ultimate undoing.

As a little girl, Yasmine fantasized about marrying and raising a family with Robert, her best friend’s older brother. But now all grown up, she realizes that love and marriage isn’t the bed of roses she imagined it would be. How could she, when her career as a divorce attorney brings her into daily contact with couples who were once very much in love, but who now rip each other apart over silverware and chandeliers?

What will it take for this jaded couple to realize that Happily Ever After does exist, but only for those who take the risk of starting down its uncertain path?

Note: Cover to follow soon.

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