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Sneak Peek Sunday – The Tycoon’s Temporary Bride

Posted at Sep 14, 2014 12:00 am


The Tycoon’s Temporary Bride – Book Four

Sneak Peek Sunday – September 14, 2014

Today’s sneak peak is from Chapter 2 immediately following Tashi’s second encounter with Adam in the same day.  Enjoy!

Once inside her apartment, Tashi turned the dead bolts and dropped her bags on the floor. She leaned against the door and took in deep breaths of the stifling hot air into her lungs. She felt as if she’d been holding her breath ever since she’d collided with that incredibly man in the diner.

“Adam.” She finally allowed herself to say his name that had been bouncing around in her head during her fifteen-minute walk home—the longest and most difficult she’d ever taken. Ever since she took the first step away from him, her legs had been wobbly and stiff—a contrasting combination she didn’t know was possible. It was a miracle she hadn’t collapsed on the sidewalk.

“Adam,” she said again as if repeating it would somehow ease the constriction in her lungs, the quaking in her belly. As the sound of his name echoed off the walls of her apartment, the image of his gentle blue eyes, the lingering feel of his arms wrapped around her, the warmth from his hard strong body made Tashi flush all over. Even now in the delicious aftermath of their brief physical encounter, she felt as if her skin was on fire.

But that fire quickly waned as Tashi remembered the little girl in the stroller. He was married. He had a child, maybe more than one. Ms. Felicia was his mother-in-law. Maybe that’s where she’d seen him before—at the café. She shook her head. “No.” If she’d seen this man in person before, she would have remembered. He was not the kind of man a woman forgot meeting.

He was kind, and gentle, and considerate. Okay, yes, and sexy and appealing too. He’d offered to replace her groceries even though it was her paranoia that had cause her to drop her bags. And he’d invited her back to the café for dessert—to help calm her nerves he’d said. Why hadn’t she accepted? Because he was married, and if she were his wife, she wouldn’t appreciate him sharing anything with another woman, no matter how innocent it looked. That was how illicit affairs began—innocently.

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